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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jul 1, 2019

3D Printing Advice from a Formlabs Engineer - Andrew Edman – Ep68

Andrew Edman is an Industry Manager for product design, engineering, and manufacturing at Formlabs.

He previously owned his own design company where he met the founders of Formlabs early on.

Andrew looks for use cases for 3D printing. One such example is at Ashley Home Furniture. He found uses such as using a 3D printed fixture that weighs much less and is faster to change over compared to their traditional machined fixture.

If you own a Formlabs machine, this podcast would also give you some inside info on some of the materials. We discuss specific use cases for the various materials.

Another part of our discussion was how to make silicone parts. Andrew used to work at Reynolds Advanced Materials., which is a company that makes silicone material. Typically, I will 3D print a mold and use that to form the silicone part.

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