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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 16, 2017

UPDATE 3/15/2017: There was a problem with the original post (the track got looped I think). Anyways, I apologize and the new, corrected podcast is now posted.

Trey Sullivan is from Louisiana and grew up on a farm. He learned a lot of hands on practical knowledge from fixing farm equipment. He started college after high school, but ultimately dropped out and worked most of his career as an insurance adjuster. He has now decided to go back to college (at 39) and this time is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree (which is what my degree is in).
Trey reached out to me as he has a lot of questions and wanted some advice about engineering and 3D printing. He asks a lot of great questions and I think that if you ever wanted know the basics of how 3D printing works, this is the podcast for you.
Key Takeaways

  1. First, hats off to Trey for going back at 39 years old to get his college degree. It’s never too late
  2. We talk SLA versus FDM. FDM printing is generally what you will see in colleges, makerspaces, etc. SLA is different and uses a liquid resin that is cured by light.
  3. 3D printing versus 2D printing. My opinion is that 3D printing will never take off like paper printing (in the sense that everyone will have one at home). We discuss why I think that.

To Contact Trey

  1. Facebook – Trey Sullivan
  2. Email
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