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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Aug 23, 2017

3D Printing Video Game Cases – Justin Shook – Ep39


Justin Shook was featured on episode 3 of the podcast and he is back, just about 1 year later. Last time we talked, he was running his business Me and him were both basically doing the same thing, running a product design and 3D printing service company.

He has shifted his focus to a new business. He is now running a very successful 3D printing manufacturing operation making products for fans of old school video games. His business specializes in the making cases specifically for the Raspberry Pi computer. A lot of the cases look like old video game systems like the SNES, Nintendo 64, etc. His business website is

 I think Justin is at the forefront of a shift in manufacturing. It used to be that 3D printing was used only for prototypes. Now it is used to manufacture products in serious quantity and Justin has taken this farther than anyone I have ever talked to.

If you would like to reach out to Justin, you can go to his website.


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