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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 27, 2017 Business Update – Scott Tarcy (solo episode) - Ep 25

I thought it was time to do a solo episode and talk about random stuff I have going on in my business. Some of the highlights include:


Brush butler -

  • Engineering challenges
  • 3D printing – 4 or 5 different materials used for the prototype
  • Nearing completion!

Microphone handle



Selfie-glove -


Business stuff

  • Thumbtack overload in January. Bid on 10 jobs, got all of them
  • Time management
  • Looking for more help
    • Local employee going away for 5 weeks
  • Challenge of managing 4-5 people


3D printing

Fusion3 F400

  • Lots more maintenance but better for big ABS parts
  • Faster as well


Ultimaker 2+


TV show – 3D print the future