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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 21, 2020 Top 5 Projects 2019 – Scott Tarcy – ep 76

Changing things up this week, no guest. Instead, I reviewed my 2019 and picked my top 5 most interesting and unique projects I worked on. In summary they are:


  1. Candle Project
    1. 3D printed a mold to then make a silicone mold. A mold for a mold if you will
    2. Wax is poured into silicone mold
    3. Key lesson: make alignment keys too small
  2. Exercise Device
    1. Ab roller, foam roller and pushup bar all rolled into one
    2. Ability to lock rotation
    3. Used expanding foam
    4. Key lesson: use silicone mold for making foam parts. Getting foal off PLA plastic is a major pain
  3. Hood Exhaust
    1. Air filtration fire trucks
    2. Need to test removing and reinstalling the air filter tube 100,000 times
    3. 2 tables from 8020 Aluminum extrusions
    4. Designed in solidworks
    5. Built and tested
    6. Key lesson: used 3D printing to create some missing parts on the install day
  4. Gnome Head
    1. Xmas gift. A woman wanted her friends head on the body of a gnome
    2. Use photos to create head in 3D (used Maya). Scanning not an option due to her being too far from me
    3. Used to find existing gnome 3D model
    4. Combined the head STL and gnome STL in blender
    5. Created breats on the gnome to make female version
    6. Key lesson: 3D printing this: SLA print much better result than FDM print
  5. Squash Racquet attachment
    1. Created 3D model of squash handle by measuring physical part
    2. Used client images to create cad file
    3. Device is a training aid to learn correct grip
    4. 3D printed a mold to make the prototypes
    5. Key lesson: to get a silicone part to hold onto something (like a grip) you want to design for about a 10-20% interference fit


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