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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 4, 2019

From Aerospace Engineer to Entrepreneur– Amy Simpkins – Ep62

Amy Simpkins is a speaker, author, and thought leader in innovation and the CEO of renewable energy startup, muGrid Analytics. She's an MIT-trained aerospace engineer who caught the entrepreneurship bug and loves facilitating massive leaps forward for individuals and organizations.  She's recently published her book, Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion and believes that innovation is for everyone and holds the key to both personal fulfillment and lasting global change.

We discuss Amy’s journey from her days as an engineer with Lockheed Martin to her current role as CEO of muGrid.

At Lockheed, Amy worked on projects like low earth orbit satellites and acoustic vibration issues in astronauts’ ears.

Amy wanted to move into entrepreneurship, so she left Lockheed. She had a few failures, as most entrepreneurs do when they first get started. But now she has a book published and is successfully running muGrid Analytics.

MuGrid is a renewable energy business that creates custom energy storage solutions for private companies and municipalities.

You can contact Amy at:

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