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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Dec 10, 2019

Incredible invention: Control Your Stuff Just by Thinking About it– Ian Rowan– Ep75


Ian is the inventor of one of the world’s smallest EEG wearable devices, Nurio. Ian has deep interest in all thing’s technology, especially Artificial Intelligence and its implications for the future of health. 


Nurio is a tiny electroencephalogram (EEG), a tracker that can record brain waves. It’s no bigger than an earpiece, all you need to do is think about a command to make it work.


You can use this device to control any internet connected device, like your TV, your Amazon Alexa and so on.


We get into discussing exactly how this works and how Ian was able to create such an incredible product, as well as his background and how he learned everything he needed to create this on his own.


Ian’s number one tip: Anything that you find yourself learning – take it all the way to its core.


Contact info:

Linkedin: Ian Rowan




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