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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jul 3, 2017

Integrating 3D Printing into Video Game Design– Amie DD– Ep35

Amie D Dansby (she goes by Amie DD) is a software game programmer, previously at Marvel Studios, working on Captain America and other titles. She then transitioned to Research and Development working with the PlayStation and Xbox. Currently she works at ATAT Tech, a robotics, augmented reality video game studio in Dallas, TX.

She went to school for game simulation and programming. We talk about how the video game industry has changed from writing games in code to now mostly being done in programs like Unity3D (using a graphical interface).

Then we turn the conversation into how she uses 3D printing for interactive video games. I didn’t even realize this, but now there are video games that integrate physical objects. For example, in this LEGO game, you have to first build the structure, then use your phone/tablet to scan it and the same structure appears in the game. Really cool stuff!.

She is using 3D printing at her current role in ATAT to create physical prototypes to test this concept on their games.

Key Takeaways

  1. Not a bad idea to get a kit (build your own 3D printer) – to really learn how it works. However, it will take up a lot of your time from what I have been told
  2. I think dabbling in code (or using a program like Unity3D) is good. Learn how these virtual assets get made. Sort of like learning CAD.

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