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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

Invention: Making your Phone Battery Last Longer - Nick Kshatri – Ep 98 

Most people nowadays know that phone batteries seem to lose their ability to hold charge over time. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the big reasons is that when you charge your phone, a lot of heat is generated.  

Nick and his team solved this by creating a product that works as follows: When you plug it in, it will charge for some time, but then it will take a break from charging, to allow the battery to cool back down. Then it will resume charging. This cycle of charging can double the length of your battery. 

We discussed how Nick came up with the idea, how they got funding through a competition, and how they developed and prototyped the product. They also filed for a patent on the product. 

Finally, we talked about how they set up and ran their Kickstarter campaign. 

Number one tip: If you have an interesting idea, you should pursue it. Don’t hold yourself back. 

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