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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 26, 2018

Lean Manufacturing and Lean Startups – Jason Burt – Ep60

Jason Burt is the owner of Evolve Holdings, which is a consultancy that focuses on teaching and applying the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Manufacturing started off as the Toyota production system and centers around a continuous improvement culture and taking waste out of the manufacturing process. The first half of our conversation is about lean manufacturing and some examples.

The second half of our talk is about the lean startup philosophy. The lean startup is about not wasting time adding features to a product without first testing to see if anyone wants those features. What you want to do is create a MVP (minimum viable product) and test with customers before putting more work into it. And when you get feedback from customers, you want to revise the product accordingly and test again.

This is where 3D printing can be helpful, as it is very cost effective to edit and create a new version of a product.

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