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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 3, 2023

Liquid Instruments- Daniel Shaddock – Ep 125 

Daniel Shaddock is the CEO and Founder of Liquid Instruments (LI). LI makes high precision scientific equipment. 

They take the complexity of the physical world and push it into the digital world using software and high powered computers. 

Some of their devices are used by NASA on the space shuttle. They are measuring changes along the lines of a nanometer over the distance of a mile in space. 

Even though they have some very high-tech tools, they are also making simpler measurement tools used at the university level. One of their more popular tools is the Moku Go 

Number one tip: Things will take longer than you expect but don’t lose hope. Set agressive goals, its better to set aggressive goals and miss by 20% than set easy goals you will hit.

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