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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 7, 2020

Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and the OAK Project - Brandon Gilles -  Ep 89 

Brandon is the founder and CEO of Luxonis and Chief Architect of the OpenCV AI Kit (OAK).  He's driven to build things that materially impact the world - and views OAK as his biggest opportunity to do so." 

The OAK kit is a small chip with a camera that can be used to build your own AI machines. Say you want to remove a bad apple from a large pile? With OAK, you will be able to automate a robot to control this process. 

We discuss a lot about how AI and machine learning work. If you are new to these topics, this will fill you in a lot. 

We then discussed the specifics of Brandon’s background and how he created OAK.  

His Kickstarter campaign just finished up and we discussed how that went as well. 

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