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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Dec 10, 2020

Pro Basketball Combine Entrepreneur - Jake Kelfer – Ep 94 

Jake is a 2x bestselling author, global speaker, and founder of Pro Basketball Combine, which has helped 70+ NBA draft prospects sign their first contract, and coach to entrepreneurs and freedom seekers. 

Jake had a love for basketball and wanted to work in the industry. He worked for one season at the Lakers and while he was there, he made many important connections in the industry.  

He wanted to start his own business and he came up with the idea for the basketball combine. He found a need: players who are coming up the ranks needed more exposure and the NBA had just created a special contract category for 60 players. His event fulfilled this need and kickstarted his business which has led to other opportunities.  

We covered many important topics related to any type of entrepreneur. And Jake’s number one tip is: 

The ability to grow your business will be in direct correlation to the relationships you can build. 

Contact info: 

IG: @jakekelfer 



Twitter: @jakekelfer