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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

Simulation Software – David Heiny – Ep73

David is Co-Founder and CEO of SimScale. SimScale is a web-based simulation platform bringing together CAE (computer aided engineering) functionality, content and people.

Simulation is an engineering technique where a computer will approximate a situation, like the airflow through a heat exchanger or the load bearing ability of a bridge. These softwares are very powerful and can accurately predict many situations but up till now, owning the software and hardware required to run simulations was very expensive.

Simscale solves this issue by bringing simulation to the cloud. Much like Onshape has done with CAD software, Simscale is doing with simulation. Essentially you would be renting their computers/software to run your simulation. Additionally, Simscale has many great engineers to help you set up your simulation correctly.

Lastly, David and I discuss the technical side of how simulation works.

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