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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 30, 2022

TangoTeams Software Development – Alex Murrey– Ep 113

Alex is the Head of North American Operations for TangoTeams, a startup that’s redefining the software development outsourcing industry.

His career started at a law firm where he helped the firm implement their own software for tracking cases. Later he worked for a digital agency.

At TangoTeams, they spend a lot of time upfront to truly understand the clients’ needs so that the right product is built. A big problem as a service provider (like me) doing this is that you can waste a lot of time doing research that you never get paid for.

TangoTeams works as a subscription service for software development.

Number one tip:

If you’re going to think about building software, is outsourcing the right thing for you?

Contact info:

Linkedin: Alex Murrey