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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

The Average Joe Tech Startup Founder – Shawn Livermore – Ep 99

Big episode this week! Last one before reaching triple digits. I’ll put together a special episode for 100.

Shawn Livermore is a tech startup founder, entrepreneur, and technology consultant for over 20 years. He the author of the best-selling amazon book “The Average Joe”.

He didn’t go the traditional path many think of when they think of tech founder. He taught himself while working full time and became Microsoft certified. He then raised capital for 2 different business, both in the tech industry.

Shawn learned many lessons that he shares but many focus in determination and learning to deal with failure as an entrepreneur. Take it from me, it’s going to happen!

Number one tip: Proximity is a great replacement for talent. Be around with great people.

Contact info:

Shawn runs Product Perfect, a software consultancy, in Southern California.

Follow Shawn on twitter @shawnypants

The book website is

The Slow Create Framework is at

Hire Shawn for your next software project at