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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 11, 2023

The Instafloss Invention – Eli Packouz – Ep 128

Eli is the inventor of Instafloss, the world's first 10 second floss. 

I love invention episodes because we cover topics from engineering to marketing. 

We talked in detail about how Eli came up with the idea, how he validated it was something people wanted, and how he engineered it. 

Eli worked with experts like dentists to create the ideal design. The product had a successful Kickstarter campaign. You can pre order it here:

Number one tip:

You have to partner with people who know the stuff you don’t. For Eli that was dentists.

You can pay consultants or give equity. 

Clause – Make sure they do what they need to do or they don’t get the equity. Want to be very careful with equity partners.

How do you convince someone to work for equity – if its truly a good idea they will be on board

Contact info:

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