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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Feb 13, 2017

I can’t give him the title of “King of 3D Printing in the World”, but I will give him the title for Michigan. And for good reason….read more below

Jonah Dorman is the owner of SOC3D, which is a 3D printing company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. His company has the most reviews on 3D Hubs (think of AirBnB for 3D printers) in the entire state of Michigan. They have 35 3D printers in use, which is truly amazing.

I learn a lot myself on this call about 3D printer filament formulation, how they actually make printer filament, how to run parts fast, and we discuss all my headaches with my 3D printer I’ve had lately!

Key Takeaways

  1. ASA is going to be the replacement material for ABS. ABS was never created for 3D printing, it was made for injection molding.
  2. Jonah is probably the first person I have seen that has so many different printers (and types of printers) that he can fully optimize for any type of part. For example, tall but skinny objects are perfect for a delta printer.


To Contact Jonah

  2. His 3D hub
  3. Call him 727-386-6825


Since we talked about 3D hubs, I figured I might as well share my 3D Hub in the show notes (honestly don’t know what I never thought of that before)

Caddesignhelp 3D hub