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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Apr 4, 2019

The Wonder Wallet Invention – Alan Beckley– Ep66

Alan Beckley is an entrepreneur, inventor, and podcaster.

His degree is in aerospace engineering but worked a lot of his career in project management.

In 2012, he hit it big with an invention of his, the Wonder Wallet.

Today he continues to invent but also but also focuses on helping other inventors to succeed with his website, which has webinars for inventors, online courses, and his podcast, called Inventors Helping Inventors. 

Alan and I discussed in detail exactly how he went about inventing his product, from initial idea to the final licensing deals with As Seen on TV and Direct TV and retail sales.

Alan’s number one tip:

Do you due diligence. Inventors often don’t do enough patent searching and Google searching to see if their product already exists


You can contact Alan at:



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