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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 27, 2023

Video Game Entrepreneur – Beau Button – Ep 126 

Beau Button President and CTO of Atlas Reality - Linkedin - Has a very interesting story and spends a majority of his time outside of work building through 3D printing. 

Beau has a background in computer hardware and software. Atlas Reality builds video games as a consultancy and builds their own games.  


We talked about the process of building location-based games. Beau says “It’s a nightmare building these games”. It’s refreshing to hear someone really tell you how it is. 


Then we talked about 3D printing for the 2nd half of our conversation. 


Number one tip: 

If you are an entrepreneur trying to start a software business, don’t try to teach yourself coding. Find a technical co-founder. 


Contact info:


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Onshape is a professional tool like Solidworks. It was actually created by the same founders as Solidworks.  


I have used Onshape and if feels just like Solidworks, with all the same commands. So, if you are a current Solidworks user, it’s a very easy transition.  


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