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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

Wealth Advisement for Engineers – Bill Keen – Ep 123 

Bill Keen has a passion for helping others achieve their retirement dreams and founded Keen Wealth Advisors with this goal in mind. 

Bill specializes in advising those within the engineering community on issues related to ESOP plans, compensation, taxes and benefits planning.  

We talked about the differences in taxes and financial planning between employees and entrepreneurs. We talked about how much you should be saving for retirement and more.  

Check out Bill’s number one selling book: Keen on Retirement – Engineering the Second Half of Your Life, which is available on  

Also check out Bill’s podcast, Keen on Retirement. 

Number one tip:  

Treat your own personal retirement plan as a project. 

Contact info:\ 

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Onshape is a professional tool like Solidworks. It was actually created by the same founders as Solidworks.  

I have used Onshape and it feels just like Solidworks, with all the same commands. So, if you are a current Solidworks user, it’s a very easy transition.  

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