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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 9, 2017

3D Printing for Investment Casting - Jerry Lepore – Ep43

This week we have Jerry Lepore. He is the CEO of Spectra3D, which is a 3D focused development company located in Asheville North Carolina (my home state).

Spectra3D specializes in 3D printed investment casting patterns and tooling, as well as Cosplay props & more. They use Stacker and Fusion3 Design 3D printers.

Some topics discussed include:

  1. How 3D printing for Investment Casting works. 3D printing is using a new technology to improve the process of an ancient technology like investment casting
  2. His largest ever print job (1800 pieces and it took a month to complete, running nonstop)
  3. 3D printed 5 foot cos play axe


His top tips for the Engineering Entrepreneurs?

1.       Get a 3d printer and try things

2.       Take your hobby and turn into a business


To contact Jerry

1.       Follow on twitter: @spectra3Dtech




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