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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Celebration Show 100 Episodes – Ep 100 – Scott Tarcy 

Well, we did it. We hit 100 episodes. In light of that, I thought I would review some of my favorite topics and mentions some projects I have done recently. 

1. Episode 2, Rick Daley and licensing 

  • Don’t have to make actual product but a prototype helps a ton 
  • Can also use CAD renderings 
  • Can make a lot of money from licensing 

2. Episodes 14 with Andrew Bougie and 53 with Matt Holling about 3d scanning 

  • Scanning is a great way to reverse engineer complicated existing parts 
  • Point cloud – stl file – to solidworks file 
  • Good scanner will cost 10k-30k 

3. Episodes 70 with Alex Hobson and Ep 56 with James Wilson about Patents and IP 

  • In these episodes, we covered how the entire patent process works and the steps you should take when you have a new invention idea. 
  • Should first check on to see if patent already exists. My recommendation is to look at images. 
  • If you don’t see, file a provisional patent. It’s cheap and gives you one year protection before you need full patent. 

4. Some projects I was hired for: 

  • Condiment bottle – printed in durable resin and works just like a blow molded PP bottle. 
  • AutoCad blocks – conveyor system that the client could drop in on his manufacturing plant layout to make sure it fits. 

5. Tonal shelf 

  • Always looking to create new products that will create passive income. 
  • Can’t remember exactly how I thought of creating a product for tonal users, but when I looked at the cost of buying a tonal, I could this was a good market. 
  • If someone is going to spend $4000 on an exercise machine, they have plenty of disposable income. I should be able to sell for $100. 
  • The machine has 4 different handles, so need place to store the extras. 
  • Created a shelf to hold these, make it by 3d printing. Tooling would cost a fortune. 
  • Gave a local guy free samples in return for testing it out for me. Took 9 revisions before I sold the first one. Based on feedback made one more revision for a total of 10. 
  • It has been very successful.