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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

CEO of The North Face Company - Hap Klopp - Ep 110 

Hap Klopp spent 20 years as CEO and President of The North Face. In that time, he turned two small retail stores into one of the most recognized and well-respected outdoor gear companies in the world. 

He also authored 2 books (and my uncle Brian Tarcy wrote the books). 

1. Conquering the North Face 

2. Almost 

We discussed his background and how he started the company. One thing that he wanted different about his company was that he wanted to women and men to have equal opportunities at his company (at the time, it was common that women were paid less than men). Also, he wanted his products to have a minimal environmental impact.  

He has since sold his company and is now a professor at Hult International Business School. 

Number one tip: 

Great quote from German philosopher: “You can sit and talk forever about what you are going to do, but you must get started to succeed.”  

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