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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Nov 13, 2017

Medical Applications for 3D Printing – Jan Witowski – Ep45

This week my guest is Jan Witowski. He is a medical student in Poland and has taken the lead for developing medical applications for 3D printing in his university. The main application so far has been for surgeons working with liver surgery.

We talk about how he creates the 3D files using CT scans. This was very interesting, as I had no idea a CT scan could create a 3D image. Jan then uses Blender to assemble various parts so the models can be printed in separate pieces and put together.

We discuss the importance of working with open source software (like Blender) and using lower cost 3D printers (Ultimaker 2 for example). While there are others out there making 3D printed parts for medical applications like him, they are using much more expensive software and printers.

We also touch on Bio-printing, which is printing living tissues.

You can get in touch with Jan on Twitter: @JanWitowski

Or his website:


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