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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 24, 2021

Robotic Industrial Process Automation – Vicki Knott – Ep97 

Vicki is a Chemical Engineer and the CEO and Co-founder of Crux OCM which is a software start-up automating control room operations for major oil and gas assets. 

Vicki started her career by commissioning control systems in the field and found out that controls systems require an operator to go through thousands of button pushes and 3 hours of work to start up a pipeline, for example. She knew there would be a way to automate this process. 

We discuss how she and her co-founder started their business by first creating a scaled model and pitching it to potential clients. They are both engineers so the selling part of this was new to them and they joined a start-up accelerator to help them learn this part of running a business. 

They now have their first 2 clients. 

Vicki’s number one tip: “Learn how to sell. “ 

Pretty good advice! 

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