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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Apr 3, 2017

Jeff Funderburk is the inventor of the Big Bear Shelf ( Jeff was cleaning his garage one day and realized he didn’t have enough storage space. He went to Lowe’s to find a solution but all the products out there were very costly.

Jeff’s solution was to create a “holder” piece that holds 3 two by four pieces of lumber. We discuss how he made some initial prototypes, came up with funding, found a CAD designer to help him create a plastic version for mass production and how the product is selling to date.

Key Takeaways

  1. The key to any successful invention is to find a problem that the market doesn’t already have. While there were shelving solutions, many were too costly for the average homeowner.
  2. In addition, often the best inventions are the ones that solve a problem you have yourself.
  3. It was smart of Jeff to test the product. He wanted to make claims it could hold a certain amount of weight for a set period of time.


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