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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Sep 26, 2016

Joe Moya is an industrial designer by degree and is now a business owner. He runs Studio Moya, which is a full service product design firm based out of Columbus Ohio.

He also has created the Hilljak brand, which is a performance magazine loader.

We discuss Joe’s journey to where he is today as well has how he invented the Hilljak line of products.

Anyone who is interested to learn how to successfully launch a brand (which is more than just a product) needs to hear this podcast! I learned quite a bit in my discussion with Joe.


Key takeaways

  1. Before selling a product, it is a good idea to create a brand first. This is something I could do better. You need to create a logo and package to go with the product to create the brand.
  2. I like Joe’s tip to always stay hungry. Just looking at his story, you can see never gave up despite being laid off 3 different times
  3. Lastly, keep your eye open for opportunities. Joe has created a very successful “passive” income source by solving the problem of reloading firearm magazines. Solving your own problem can often lead to a successful business.

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