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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

May 17, 2019

The Wheelchair Mountain Bike – Bowhead Corp (Chris Bagg and Will Gill) – Ep67

23 years ago, Chris Bagg broke his back snow boarding. Chris was very into outdoor sports and wanted to continue his activities as a parapalegic.

Chris built his own custom wheelchair first. He needed this because all the stock chairs were too small for his 6 foot 8 inch size.

Next, he started working on his off-road wheelchair bike. He “modeled” the bike first using paper and foam, just to work on the concept. Then he started getting prototypes made from using Solidworks and creating waterjet cut parts.

Chris later brought in a Solidworks expert and engineer Will Gill. This is when their company Bowhead Corp was born. They now have a few products such as the Bowhead Reach and the Bowhead Traveler. You should go to their website and check out their pictures and videos in action.

You can reach them at:



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