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The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Aug 3, 2017

The Window Wizard Invention – Robert Bowerman – Ep37

Robert Bowerman is the inventor of the Window Wizard, which is a tool to line up window frames and curtain rods to make sure they are level. The product is quite simple, but like any product, the process of getting it finished for sale is not simple.

Robert hired my company off of and from his sketches and information, we were able to make a CAD file of the product and 3D print a prototype. At that time, the product was a 2 piece design that slid into place and was glued to stay. It was originally made that way because the idea he had was that the injection mold would be too expensive if it was made in one-piece due to the size of the mold.

After meeting with one of my molding partners (PDQ South), we determined that indeed a one piece product made more sense. I updated the CAD file and the tool was made. Robert just got his first pieces from the tool and a little more touch up work is needed to be 100% ready.

Check out Robert’s product on his facebook page and website:

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Key Takeaways

  1. Mold process can take a long time
  2. Even simple products take iterations to get just right


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